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Eye Drops for Dry Eye

September 29, 2019 — by Thomas Byrd, MD
Tags: Dry Eye Eye Drops

Liquid tears can help alleviate dry eye symptoms and flare ups. Let’s consider what kinds of lubricating eyedrops are ideal for treating irritation and redness. Read More

Glaucoma Testing

July 29, 2019 — by Thomas Byrd, MD
Tags: Glaucoma

Dr. Thomas Byrd can perform glaucoma testing to diagnose this condition before substantial vision loss occurs. We also offer treatment to patients that do have glaucoma. Read More

Reasons for LASIK Enhancement

June 28, 2019 — by Thomas Byrd, MD
Tags: Lasik

Dr. Thomas Byrd offers LASIK enhancement to improve patients’ vision after an initial LASIK procedure. This treatment can fine-tune your vision. Read More

How Common Is Dry Eye after LASIK?

May 29, 2019 — by Thomas Byrd, MD
Tags: Lasik

One common side effect following LASIK vision correction surgery is dry eye. Dr. Byrd explains the risk factors and possible treatments for dry eye after LASIK. Read More

PRK Candidates

February 7, 2019 — by Thomas Byrd, MD
Tags: Prk

Dr. Thomas Byrd goes over the characteristics that make patients an ideal candidate for PRK treatment. Read More

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