Understanding Your Dry Eye Treatment Options

Understanding Your Dry Eye Treatment Options

If you suffer from dry eye, you know that it is more than just itchiness and discomfort. Chronic cases of dry eye can affect the way you function in daily life. Regular tasks can feel like a burden, and you can lose productivity and have an event or moment spoiled because of a dry eye attack.

Thankfully, Dr. Thomas Byrd offers advanced eye care treatments, including professional dry eye management options, which can reduce discomfort and help you maintain eye moisture. The Detroit, MI vision care team at Byrd and Wyandotte Eye Clinic would like to consider professional dry eye treatment is needed, and then focus on two options that have helped our patients.

When Lubricating Eye Drops Alone Won’t Work

Minor dry eye flare ups can usually be dealt with by using lubricating eye drops. Yet there are times when these over-the-counter drops are ineffective. Some patients may have to use eye drops so frequently that it becomes impractical.

If this describes your struggles with dry eye syndrome, it’s a good idea to visit our Detroit. We can assess your situation, diagnose the nature and cause(s) of your dry eye, and then make sure you get the care you need.


RESTASIS is an FDA-approved prescription eye drop that is designed to increase tear production. They are not a substitute for artifice tears, but rather a prescription medication that causes your eyes to produce more moisture. Only on drop of RESTASIS every 12 hours is needed.

Good Candidates for RESTASIS

Good candidates for RESTASIS are people who suffer from chronic dry eye that is not relieved with artificial tears alone, and who have issues with low tear production. Generally, RESTASIS is used when non-invasive at-home treatments are ineffective.

The Results of RESTASIS

Many patients respond well to RESTASIS, experiencing fewer flare ups and better dry eye management. With time, some patients will rely less on artificial tears to improve eye moisture thanks to regular use of RESTASIS.

About Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs are tiny devices that are inserted into the drainage canals of the eyes. This helps keep moisture in the eyes rather than filtering tears away. This allows natural tears, artificial tears, and medication to remain in place longer and offer relief to dry eyes.

Good Candidates for Punctal Plugs

Good candidates for punctal plugs are people who suffer from dry eye due to tear drainage. They should be in good health overall, and not have any eye issues that would prevent punctal plugs from being placed.

The Results of Punctal Plugs

Patients respond well to punctal plugs overall, noting less frequent flare ups of dry eye, and longer lasting relief when they use lubricating eye drops or liquid eye medication. If the punctal plugs are ineffective or lead to any issues, they can easily be taken out.

Tailoring a Treatment to Your Needs

There are other ways to prevent and manage dry eye that go beyond RESTASIS and punctal plugs. During a consultation at our Detroit eye care center, we can discuss your history with dry eye and go over the advantages and disadvantages of various professional treatment options. Our team is here to answer your questions and help you get the relief you are looking for.

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